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Direct video downloads

 For those of you who want to save their own copy without YouTube compression,
here are the 2018 video download links:
The quality is much higher than Youtube!!!

The videos are all shot and produced by Tony Wright of www.lance.co.uk
who has also kindly provided the hosting for these large files.

Experts Set Manoeuvres (22)

Sasikala Boonmala.mp4

Callum Henson.mp4

Robin Debeuf.mp4

Carlos Rossi.mp4

Luca Offszanka.mp4

Ryan Chiu.mp4

Maximilian Zick.mp4

Matteo Lefebvre.mp4

Robin Lipke.mp4

Henrik Clausen.mp4

Lukas Vacek.mp4

Samuel Jensen Aunbirk.mp4

Robert Marvin.mp4

Jugy Thibault.mp4

Lucas Hatz.mp4

Joshua Lamm.mp4

Fabian Kloss.mp4

Pascal Lipke.mp4

Chatawit Kamsawang.mp4

Marius Gehle.mp4

Thanawin Kiatgungwalg.mp4

Ludovic Abrignani.mp4

Henrik Clausen Reflight.mp4

Friday Demonstrations  (7)
Masters Set Manoeuvres (13)
Experts Freestyle (26)
Friday Speed Cup (3)
Saturday Demos
Masters Freestyle
Speedcup Saturday
Masters Music
Night Flying
Experts Music
Demos Sunday
Experts Finals
Set Manoeuvres
Masters Finals
Set Manoeuvres
Experts Finals
Masters Finals
Experts Finals
Masters Finals
Victory Flights