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Direct video downloads

 For those of you who want to save their own copy without YouTube compression,
here are the 2017 video download links:
The quality is much higher than Youtube!!!

The videos are all shot and produced by Tony Wright of www.lance.co.uk
who has also kindly provided the hosting for these large files.

Experts Set Manoeuvres (18) Experts Set Manoeuvres LucasKatz.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres LudovicAbrignani.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres PeterHsiao.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres RobinLipke.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres AlvinChai.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres PascalLipke.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres LukasVacek.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres HamishMorley.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres ChatchawitKamsawang.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres DominikGlashorster.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres MariusGehle.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres RyanChiu.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres HenrikClausen.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres FrancisTehHangSiong.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres RisbetzAxel.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres WesselHaast.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres FabianKloss.mp4
Experts Set Manoeuvres AntonioGomez.mp4
Speed Cup Friday  (10)  Speed Cup BoonChungWee.mp4
 Speed Cup PaulWilliams.mp4
 Speed Cup RobertSixt.mp4
 Speed Cup HolgerGiersiepen.mp4
 Speed Cup JochenVerfurth.mp4
 Speed Cup FrankStrupp.mp4
 Speed Cup MilesDunkel.mp4
 Speed Cup ChristianDaniel.mp4
 Speed Cup GeorgesVanGansen.mp4
 Speed Cup BhumipataraUditananda.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres (13) Masters Set Manoeuvres KanPoonnoi.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres CharlesAubert.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres KennyKo.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres MaximeDeMoro.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres BhumipataraUditananda.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres LucaPescante.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres TimKostorz.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres KyleDahl.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres MarikWiehenstroth.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres SakkarinKongthon.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres DanielJetschin.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres RasmusJakobsen.mp4
Masters Set Manoeuvres MirkoCesena.mp4
Demonstrations Friday  (8) Demos Friday Gaui.mp4
Demos Friday Freakware.mp4
Demos Friday Freakware2.mp4
Demos Friday Optipower.mp4
Demos Friday DunkanBossion.mp4
Demos Friday GensAceMikado1.mp4
Demos Friday GensAceMikado2.mp4
Demos Friday GensAceMikado3.mp4
Experts Freestyle (22) Experts Freestyle AntonioGomez.mp4
Experts Freestyle FrancisTehHangSiong.mp4
Experts Freestyle ChatchawitKamsawang.mp4
Experts Freestyle DominikGlashorster.mp4
Experts Freestyle PeterHsiao.mp4
Experts Freestyle LukasVacek.mp4
Experts Freestyle RyanChiu.mp4
Experts Freestyle RisbetzAxel.mp4
Experts Freestyle MariusGehle.mp4
Experts Freestyle PascalLipke.mp4
Experts Freestyle FabianKloss.mp4
Experts Freestyle HenrikClausen.mp4
Experts Freestyle RobinLipke.mp4
Experts Freestyle LudovicAbrignani.mp4
Experts Freestyle HamishMorley.mp4
Experts Freestyle WesselHaast.mp4
Experts Freestyle AlvinChai.mp4
Experts Freestyle AntonioGomez Reflight.mp4
Experts Freestyle LukasVacek Reflight.mp4
Experts Freestyle RisbetzAxel Reflight.mp4
Experts Freestyle FabianKloss Reflight.mp4
Experts Freestyle LucasHatz.mp4
Masters Freestyle (15) Masters Freestyle RasmusJakobsen.mp4
Masters Freestyle DanielJetschin.mp4
Masters Freestyle KanPoonnoi.mp4
Masters Freestyle BhumipataraUditananda.mp4
Masters Freestyle SakkarinKongthon.mp4
Masters Freestyle KyleDahl.mp4
Masters Freestyle CharlesAubert.mp4
Masters Freestyle MirkoCesena.mp4
Masters Freestyle TimKostorz.mp4
Masters Freestyle LucaPescante.mp4
Masters Freestyle KennyKo.mp4
Masters Freestyle MaximeDeMoro.mp4
Masters Freestyle MarikWiehenstroth.mp4
Masters Freestyle TimKostorz Reflight.mp4
Masters Freestyle MarikWiehenstroth Reflight.mp4
Demos  Saturday  (2) Demos Saturday GirlsUnited.mp4
Demos Saturday DunkanBossion.mp4
Speed Cup Saturday  (9)  Speed Cup Saturday BoonChungWee.mp4
 Speed Cup Saturday PaulWilliams.mp4
 Speed Cup Saturday RobertSixt.mp4
 Speed Cup Saturday HolgerGiersiepen.mp4
 Speed Cup Saturday JochenVerfurth.mp4
 Speed Cup Saturday ChristianDaniel.mp4
 Speed Cup Saturday FrankStrupp.mp4
 Speed Cup Saturday MilesDunkel.mp4
 Speed Cup Saturday GeorgesVanGansen.mp4
Masters Music (14) Masters Music SakkarinKongthon.mp4 
Masters Music LucaPescante.mp4
Masters Music MirkoCesena.mp4
Masters Music TimKostorz.mp4
Masters Music KanPoonnoi.mp4
Masters Music MarikWiehenstroth.mp4
Masters Music BhumipataraUditananda.mp4
Masters Music CharlesAubert.mp4
Masters Music DanielJetschin.mp4
Masters Music KyleDahl.mp4
Masters Music KennyKo.mp4
Masters Music MaximeDeMoro.mp4
Masters Music RasmusJakobsen.mp4
Masters Music RasmusJakobsen Reflight.mp4
Experts Music (19) Experts Music RisbetzAxel.mp4
Experts Music ChatchawitKamsawang.mp4
Experts Music FabianKloss.mp4
Experts Music RyanChiu.mp4
Experts Music LudovicAbrignani.mp4
Experts Music PeterHsiao.mp4
Experts Music AntonioGomez.mp4
Experts Music LukasVacek.mp4
Experts Music PascalLipke.mp4
Experts Music WesselHaast.mp4
Experts Music HenrikClausen.mp4
Experts Music DominikGlashorster.mp4
Experts Music AlvinChai.mp4
Experts Music MariusGehle.mp4
Experts Music LucasHatz.mp4
Experts Music RobinLipke.mp4
Experts Music HamishMorley.mp4
Experts Music FrancisTehHangSiong.mp4
Experts Music AlvinChai Reflight.mp4
Demos  Sunday (6) Demos SundayScorpion1.mp4
Demos SundayScorpion2.mp4
Demos SundayScorpion3.mp4
Demos SundayMttec.mp4
Demos SundayCompassAndMttec.mp4
Demos SundayMikado1.mp4
Experts Finals Set Manoeuvres (5) Experts Finals Set Manoeuvres RobinLipke.mp4
Experts Finals Set Manoeuvres RyanChiu.mp4
Experts Finals Set Manoeuvres PeterHsiao.mp4
Experts Finals Set Manoeuvres ChatchawitKamsawang.mp4
Experts Finals Set Manoeuvres LucasHatz.mp4
Masters Finals Set Manoeuvres (5) Masters Finals Set Manoeuvres MirkoCesena.mp4
Masters Finals Set Manoeuvres SakkarinKongthon.mp4
Masters Finals Set Manoeuvres KanPoonnoi.mp4
Masters Finals Set Manoeuvres KyleDahl.mp4
Masters Finals Set Manoeuvres KennyKo.mp4
Experts Finals Music (6) Experts Finals Music LucasHatz.mp4
Experts Finals Music ChatchawitKamsawang.mp4
Experts Finals Music PeterHsiao.mp4
Experts Finals Music RyanChiu.mp4
Experts Finals Music RobinLipke.mp4
Experts Finals Music ChatchawitKamsawang Reflight.mp4
Masters Finals Music (6) Masters Finals Music KennyKo.mp4
Masters Finals Music KyleDahl.mp4
Masters Finals Music KanPoonnoi.mp4
Masters Finals Music SakkarinKongthon.mp4
Masters Finals Music MirkoCesena.mp4
Masters Finals Music MirkoCesena Reflight.mp4
Experts Finals Freestyle (5) Experts Finals Freestyle RobinLipke.mp4
Experts Finals Freestyle RyanChiu.mp4
Experts Finals Freestyle PeterHsiao.mp4
Experts Finals Freestyle ChatchawitKamsawang.mp4
Experts Finals Freestyle LucasHatz.mp4
Masters Finals Freestyle(6) Masters Finals Freestyle MirkoCesena.mp4
Masters Finals Freestyle SakkarinKongthon.mp4
Masters Finals Freestyle KanPoonnoi.mp4
Masters Finals Freestyle KyleDahl.mp4
Masters Finals Freestyle KennyKo.mp4
Masters Finals Freestyle KanPoonnoi Reflight.mp4
Victory Flights(2) Experts Victory PeterHsiao.mp4
Masters Victory KyleDahl.mp4